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Five Keys to Achieving Wealth and Success With Ease

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1) Be a Natural

2) Know Why

3) Live Intentionally

4) Be In Touch

5) Attain Balance (Beyond Plate Spinning.)

The secret to wealth is very simple. I can say it in three words: Be A Natural . Have you ever seen a true natural? That’s the term we use to describe the person who doesn’t appear to struggle to be excellent at something. It just seems to flow. And happiness, success and wealth naturally follow.

I once observed perhaps the world's greatest classical guitarist Andres Segovia performing an extremely complicated piece of music. His fingers literally flew up and down the neck of the guitar faster than sight. Audiences from all over the world paid large amounts of money just to observe the great musical Maestro. They paid a fortune for the rare opportunity to sit in one of his master classes. And Andres Segovia was a very wealthy man, successful and happy.

Imagine yourself at that level of success. Take a moment to dream. What images come to mind? Where are you standing? What are you doing and how are people responding? Who are the people whose lives you are influencing, and what are you bringing to them?

No matter what goals I set, no matter what success books I read, or classes I take, I will never achieve astonishing success, wealth and happiness as a classical guitarist. I’m not a natural there, and likely, neither are you. That is not our passion.

So, what is your passion?

This is the single most important question you will ever have to answer. This is 80% of success, wealth and happiness. There is a place where you are a natural.

How do you identify, and then leverage your natural passion to achieve great wealth?

In coming issues of WealthyMindWaves Ezine, I will help you identify the place where you are a natural, and then learn how to leverage this to easily achieve more success where you are right now. Then you will set a course for even greater future success. Each coming issue of WealthyMindWaves Ezine will deliver a brief, hard hitting point that will help guide you in the direction of greater wealth.

The key to Segovia's fame and fortune was that he was in love. He loved the guitar, and his passion was to liberate it from the night club and make it sing the notes of the great classical composers. He was following his passion. Into his nineties Segovia was still touring the world and performing to packed concert halls. He never felt the need to retire because he was doing what he loved. He was a natural.

What is your passion?

Where are you a natural?

I'm inviting you to set two intentions right now:

  1. To identify and name your primary passion in life—the place where you are a natural.
  2. Identify three situations where you can immediately begin to leverage your primary passion for greater success.

You don't have to have any immediate answers to the above. At this point, simply send yourself the intention that these two are important. They are at the top of your list. Begin each day (just 5 minutes) by setting these intentions, and end each day reviewing them. Don't force the results. You’ll be amazed at how they come... naturally!

I'd like to hear your intention to do this, and I'd like to support you in it. Please email me with the subject line: "My Intentions" and indicate your intention to create focus for yourself around #1 and #2 above.

Would you like to accelerate this process for yourself by easily and naturally taping into your greatest inner guidance, liberating the power of your subconscious mind? I will help you easily achieve significant positive momentum toward wealth and success in just 21 days. Find out how.

In coming issues of WealthyMindWaves E-zine:

  1. How can I make the Best of my experience work for me?
  2. How do I systematically identify and and overcome self-limiting attititudes?
  3. How can I enlist the enthusiastic support from my key people?
  4. How do I find balance for my life?
  5. How do I feed spirit and life energy upon which success depends?

Coming later this Spring to WealthyMindWaves E-zine:

Seven Minutes to Breakthrough : A series of seven minute audio clips to help you tap into the power of your subconscious mind to achieve an immediate breakthrough to greater wealth and success. But why wait? Experience this help now.

Intending Your Greatest Wealth and Success,

Sue Stebbins



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