Letting Go of Pain

Letting Go of Pain

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Revolutionary, Clinically Proven
The brain optimization audio program that enables you to experience the freedom and joy of being released from chronic pain and negative emotions.

Imagine if you could just let go of feeling chronically burdened with pain, and imagine how good you could feel.

Letting Go of Pain is based on the latest evidence based research in brain science, this clinically proven brain training technology synthesizes the most successful techniques used in pain clinics with extraordinary results for the past thirty years.

Takes just 20 minutes a day.

“Sue, I Liked Your CD’s very much. This kind of Empowering Imagery and music can change the course of disease.”
--Dr. Mehmet Oz

Get this audio program now, and train your brain past your pain.

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Letting Go of Pain, developed after 2 years of research, is an extraordinary journey into powerful mind body connection capable of regulating and ‘treating’ the mind’s connection to pain and transforming pain into energy usable for healing…

….without drugs.

It’s particularly powerful for breaking the pain-emotion cycle of anger, fear, and resentment, and moving into states of emotional freedom and liberation.

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