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Mind Your Head Brain Training Book by Sue Stebbins and Carla Clark
by Sue Stebbins &
Carla Clark

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New Brain For Success™
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Sue Stebbins' Elite Neuro Entrepreneur Program

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Finally: Retrain Your Brain to Achieve Your
Financial, Entrepreneurial and Lifestyle Goals

In A Fraction of the Time

The Only Custom Neuroscience Based Training In the World
Designed to Maximize Profit, Personal Freedom, and Passion
Using Proven Advanced Brain Technologies,
Sales and Business Strategies

"I would have paid you a Million Dollars
for what your brain training program has done for me and my Business."
--CFO, 50 million dollar consumer product company


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Dear Friend,

Somehow you’ve found your way, to this page, and it’s not by accident. Most likely you’re a CEO, entrepreneur, or overloaded consultant who has heard whispers about how our ‘small’ group of Elite Neuro-Entrepreneurs, are learning the ‘brainy’ way to not burn out, and learning the new skills and business design of 21st Century dream income and lifestyle.

We have limited spaces for this ‘Ultimate Business and Lifestyle’ Entrepreneur Program, one that has been tested, and has record breaking results to back it up. So if you think you are a fit, please download the application, and we’ll be back to you within 2 business days (following May 1st), to schedule a Profit and Lifestyle Strategy Session. This half-hour session is valued at $500.00.

So…. Who is a FIT?

This is a PROVEN 30-3000 percent ROI program for the committed entrepreneur who wants the LATEST CUTTING EDGE and research based brain training, and best practices of business with a proven Master Neuro Business Coach. You are is willing to make a substantial investment to activate the above ROI. You should start to see positive return on your investment within a few days if you are like our other clients, and you’ll be in shock and awe at what happens within the first three months.

You have a choice:

Stay where you are, and incur the costs, of not having Your DREAMS AND GOALS AND INCOME – Influence and Meaning-

Or Fill out our application and have a conversation to learn what we can help you do.

You can scroll down and read more about the program.

But here’s your First Step:
Complete the application and use the link on its final page
to submit it by email to Sue Stebbins.

Download Application Here

Looking Forward to our Dialog and Your Dreams, Time to GET YOU THE DREAM Business and lifestyle you Know you can Design,

Sue Stebbins, CEO

"If you do nothing else this year, you should get into
one of Sue Stebbins' scientifically proven Brain Science Based Programs
to see your profits and business satisfaction soar."
--Fortune 100, National Sales Executive


How to Master The Seven Phases of Business Development FASTER, Smarter.

Imagine how you and your business could be transformed, if you knew EXACTLY how to connect with your clients, your team, and you could SKYROKCET your Profit AND Your Freedom.

Our neuroscience and neuromarketing based 20-year track record for achieving results has helped our clients:

This has given them the lifestyle they dreamed of when initially starting their business.

When would you like to experience this for your own business?

We'd be happy to talk to you to see if we are a fit when our program opens up mid-April, 2013.

Upon receiving your application,

Through your participation in the VIP Business Mastery Elite Entrepreneur Program you'll discover the fastest way to grow your business with what's already working in your business, and where your strengths can be maximized.

Successwaves VIP Business Mastery has one Goal:

To help you grow your business and legacy while giving you more freedom, happiness, and profit.

We've been successfully doing this for over 20 years with a revolutionary program that's statistically proven to work. We'd like you to benefit as well.

Call us, now to enroll in this program for a select group and limited number of entrepreneurs, experts.

To your Profit, Freedom, and Happiness,

Sue Stebbins, CEO of

Sue and the Successwaves Team


Download Application Here


*Earnings Disclaimer:

We don't believe in get rich programs - only in hard work, adding value and serving others. Our programs are intended to help you share your charge or message with a wider audience and to make a difference in the world while growing your business. As stipulated by law, we cannot and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn any money with our ideas, information, tools, or strategies. We don't know you and, besides, your results in life are up to you. Agreed? We just want to help by giving great content, direction and strategies that move you forward. Nothing on this page or any of our websites is a promise or guarantee of results or future earnings and you should know most people never utilize their continuing education from any institution including colleges (it's estimated that only 50% of people even use their college degree in their current career!). Any financial numbers referenced here or on any of our sites are simply illustrations of a concept and should not be considered exact, actual or as a promise of potential results or earnings - all numbers are illustrative only. Please note that nothing I do is typical and my students who get results are rare superhuman geniuses who work super hard and believe in themselves and their ability to serve at even rarer levels - they are unlike the rest of the public in any way and are perhaps aliens. So expect nothing but hard work, creative demands, and the long haul - your only reward may be the Authentic Adventure of fighting for your dreams and sharing yourself with the world. I hope you prove the lawyers wrong.