Releasing Overwhelm

Releasing Overwhelm

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Revolutionary, Clinically Proven
The brain optimization audio program for instantly dissolving stress, anxiety, worry and overload.

How often in the past week have you found yourself worrying, stressed or anxious?

Stop Negative Thinking. Gain Permanent Freedom From Stress and Anxiety. Experience a Positive Mood Daily.

Takes just 20 minutes a day.

“Sue, I Liked Your CD’s very much. This kind of Empowering Imagery and music can change the course of disease.”
--Dr. Mehmet Oz

Download this stress-reducing audio now, and start experiencing what joy, supreme confidence, energy,  ease, and fulfillment feel like.

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Turn your worry into confidence, happiness, and a feeling of your ultimate relaxed well being. Imagine how you feel when you’ve been on vacation, and the cares of the world are dissolved.

This cutting-edge brain-science based audio program was developed to train your brain to achieve lasting states of wellbeing and whole brain balance and synchrony.

Developed after 35 years of research, and 20 years of clinical practice, it’s been a powerful solution for thousands around the world who want faster brain and life balance, with busy schedules, and at a push of a button.

Dr. CLAIMS Deeply Powerful Experience

"I feel somewhat qualified to review this product due to the fact that I've meditated for over 30 years. I'm also a doctor with 25 employees, and have a family with 2 teenage kids who test my limits daily. Life can be complex, stressful, and seemingly difficult to control. Listening to this CD, "RELEASING OVERWHELM" was exactly what I needed to restore the balance that my life was lacking. The words and voice, music, and other vibrational components on the CD created for me a profound sense of stree-release from the the outside world that I feel for the rest of the day. After listening for just 20 minutes on the train I feel like I had more sleep than I needed. This product is clearly superior in it's effectiveness as I've tried other similar products over the years. Excellent work with great life-changing results."

Dr. Brian Fradet, Author

CEO-Gains CLARITY-Focus, Productivity

"As a busy CEO moving from project to project I find my mind spinning and thinking about what needs to be done, what is in process, and what needs to happen.  My business day can often extend into the evening, and finds its way into what should be my down time.  This makes personal time harder to actually become down time because I am rethinking the day.  I needed a way to release that overwhelming feeling to make sure I am at the top of my game mentally.

What I found with Sue’s CD is that I was able to be more resilient and optimistic about each new day.  I now work to train my brain to managing and accelerate my success.  I am now more able to identify and resolve negative feelings, setbacks, and roadblocks.  I know there is a path, and I now can enjoy that route even if it has detours.  I am secure in the face of the unknown.  I have a positive and exciting feeling about going after new business.  I know I can set aside my professional life and enjoy my personal life because I am in charge of my emotions.  I can train myself to think differently."


Todd Wilson
Social Media and SEO

Virtual Business Manager- 28% Revenue Increase in One Week

"This is why I was curious about the science behind her brain based business coaching. Does it work? Just within the first week of listening to Sue's Releasing Overwhelm CD, I have signed up new clients and increased my revenue by 28%! Thank you, Sue!

Sue is one of the most empowering, passionate and focused people I have had a privilege to work with. As a former international athlete and now a busy soloprenur who always thinks ahead, I genuinely agree with Sue's philosophy and believe that being consciously aware of success is the key."

Sara Oblak Speicher, MBA
Virtual Business Manager

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