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Five Keys to Achieving Wealth and Success With Ease

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

1) Be a Natural

2) Know Why

3) Live Intentionally

4) Be In Touch

5) Attain Balance (Beyond Plate Spinning.)

The last four weeks we've explored the first four of five keys to achieving wealth and success with ease: 1) Follow your natural passion, 2) Know the reason why and 3) Line intentionally. 4) Be in touch with yourself and with the world. These alone are not enough. 4) The fifth key is to Attain Balance.

One of my favorite circus acts is the one where the performer begins balancing and spinning one plate on the end of a long pole. Then, he starts a second plate on a second pole. Then a third plate on a third pole. By now, the plate on the first pole is beginning to wobble. He rushes back and speeds that plate up...and then starts a fourth and fifth plate on two more poles. By now, plates two and three are wobbling! I wonder why it's so much fun watching the man frantically rush back and forth between wobbling plates. I want to see just how many plates he can spin before they start breaking. Maybe the fascination is because this is how life seems at times.

How many plates are you currently spinning? How many are wobbling? When did you last feel like the frantic plate-spinning performer? Today???

One of the most powerful keys to success and true wealth is to move beyond frantic plate-spinning to another kind of feeling, being and doing: A life characterized by balance and governed by intention.

What is the intention you set for yourself for today? Everyone starts out with an intention either conscious or subconscious. And we attract to ourselves experiences throughout the day that match our intention. "I'm going to work hard today." You will attract hard work. "I'm going to try and get through this day." You will attract survival.

What intention did you consciously or unconsciously set for yourself today?

I have an intention for my life, and a clear life mission statement. Every day I'm aware of my overall purpose and mission, and ask myself: How does this translate to today.

Then, I bring that intention down through every area of my life and reflect on what it means to balance my energy toward achieving the overall mission in relation to each area:

The difference between plate spinning and balance is intention. To attract wealth and success, you will need to attain the healthy balance that comes from clear intention.

Three Questions:

Chances are you have set intentions before, but have a hard time with the follow-through. This is normal. The reason is that your unconscious mind has a powerful ability to sabbatoge your conscious intentions. I have spent over 25 years in neurolinguistic research and practice, unlocking the mystery of the unconscious mind. There is a key to reaching beneath your conscious thinking to direct your unconscious thoughts so that they support your intentions. I've developed a CD based on the most current neurolinguistic research that will help you do this:

Authentic Power Breakthrough Business Confidence Coaching CD

Thank you for joining me in this introductory series, "Be a Natural". I'd be very interested in your comments! What was the single most beneficial "take-away" for you? How did it make a difference in your life? Please reply to:

Seven Minutes to Breakthrough : A series of seven minute audio clips to help you tap into the power of your subconscious mind to achieve an immediate breakthrough to greater wealth and success. But why wait? Experience this help now.

Intending Your Greatest Wealth and Success,

Sue Stebbins



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