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Five Keys to Achieving Wealth and Success With Ease

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

1) Be a Natural

2) Know Why

3) Live Intentionally

4) Be In Touch

5) Attain Balance (Beyond Plate Spinning.)

The last three weeks we've explored the first three of five keys to achieving wealth and success with ease: 1) Follow your natural passion, 2) Know the reason why and 3) Live intentionally. These alone are not enough. 4) The fourth key is to Be In Touch with Yourself and with the World.

Remember a few years back, a phenominon called "Magic Eyes"? In just about every shopping mall there was a little kiosk with all these strange looking colored posters. Each had a mosaic of confused colors, and at first, that was all you could see. There was a caption that said, "Deer", but try as you may, you couldn't see the deer. Then, suddenly, you accidentally happened to focus your vision differently, and the 3-D image of a deer in the forest emerged. The deer had been there all along. You just had to look at the poster in the right way.

Sometimes I think our lives and our businesses can be like that. Things mysteriously happen. One day nothing seems to go right, even though you feel like you're pouring out so much energy. You couldn't attract a client if he had been spending his life looking for your product, and had just won the lottery! The next day, you can seem to do no wrong...everything you touch turns to gold. Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever wondered what's the difference?

We're constantly receiving signals from within ourselves, and externally. We are swimming in an ocean of signals--signaling both pain and opportunity--but we don't know how to read the signals. We have trouble reading our own moods and feelings and motives and beliefs...let alone those around us. The problem is, if we can't accurately read the signals, we are unlikely to take the best actions. It's like driving down the freeway blind-folded.

This week, give yourself the intention to be in touch with yourself
and your surroundings more closely than ever before.

As with the "Magic Eyes" posters, the difference between looking at a confusing sensation of jumbled colors and seeing a clear image may by a mystery. Something mysterious happens deep within yourself that allows you to see clearly.

I have spent over 25 years in neurolinguistic research and practice, unlocking the mystery of the unconscious mind. There is a key to reading the many signals deep beneath our conscious thinking, that influence our thoughts and our actions and our possibilities. If you can get in touch with yourself and solve the puzzle, that is the first step to successfully reading and acting upon the many signals around you.

Start with something as fundamental as understanding your own physical pain. I've developed a CD that helps you explore pain as an inner signal, and an opportunity to discover and put right something that has gotten out of balance.

Letting Go of Pain Breakthrough Coaching CD

Understanding your pain can be a first step toward getting in touch in larger ways that turn mystery into meaning, confusion into clarity, want into wealth.

Coming later this Spring to WealthyMindWaves E-zine:

Seven Minutes to Breakthrough : A series of seven minute audio clips to help you tap into the power of your subconscious mind to achieve an immediate breakthrough to greater wealth and success. But why wait? Experience this help now.

Intending Your Greatest Wealth and Success,

Sue Stebbins



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