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Mind Your Head Brain Training Book by Sue Stebbins and Carla Clark
by Sue Stebbins &
Carla Clark

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About and Sue Stebbins

Sue S. Stebbins, Master Coach, founded Successwaves
(formerly Motivational Re-Source) in 1993.

This was after an extensive and successful 18 year career
in marketing and marketing communications in New York and Boston.

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Frank Don Presents…Radio Station, WALE - Interview with Sue Stebbins, CL.H.
July 31, 1996

Sue Stebbins is the founder of Successwaves, a management consulting company specializing in peak performance and motivational development programs for individuals and corporations.

Combining solution oriented self-awareness coaching and her clinical hypnotherapy background, Ms. Stebbins' clients, both individuals and corporate executives, are facilitated in reaching new levels of what she calls "Response-Ability". Sue asserts that this is how you teach people to manage their inner resources to attain optimal living and performance.

Ms. Stebbins' background as a nationally recognized, award winning marketing communications specialist spawned her interest and 18 year study of personal management and training that ultimately led her to founding Successwaves. She's worked with hundreds of individuals on stress-related issues, habit disorders, self-esteem and self-image issues, and maximizing their success and satisfaction in life.

"Sue, tell us about the term "Response-Ability" and how you're incorporating it into your work with individuals and corporations."

The term came up, Frank, when I was reading a recent Roper Poll that found employee morale and job satisfaction in our country at its lowest point in decades. If some of your listeners feel less than satisfied with their current work or job status they should feel solace in knowing they are not alone.

We are living in times of accelerated and unparalleled change. Add to that the stress of increased work demands. Complicated personal and family lives, and you've set the stage for chronic anxiety and overwhelming unease.  When people become overwhelmed they're likely to resort to old coping skills and behaviors while their overall productivity and ability to affect positive results diminishes.

The term "Response-Ability" applies to providing people with the tools that allow them better management and use of their mind through awareness and inner focusing.  When people have the opportunity to address some of their fear based thinking and receive access to their inner strengths and potential, they no longer need to feel like a victim of their circumstances and are able to open new doors to all sorts of positive strategies and choices.

My work is focused on guiding people to access therapeutic states of consciousness - where they can begin to imagine and implement improvements on a subconscious level and transform their stress into self-mastery and freedom.

"If stress and feelings of being overwhelmed are becoming so predominant what do you recommend as the most important thing people can do to stay balanced?"

Learn to access the power of their minds and feeling. Learn to choose an optimistic attitude (which can be learned) and to access your inner world through meditation, hypnosis, or guided imagery to keep watch on your thoughts. Having an optimistic attitude is a primary component to finding success in life, It's the old story - it's not what you have or don't have - it's what you do with it. You have to learn to center yourself by developing your inner resources in order to create change and maintain even-mindedness.

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