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Five Keys to Achieving Wealth and Success With Ease

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1) Be a Natural

2) Know Why

3) Live Intentionally

4) Be In Touch

5) Attain Balance (Beyond Plate Spinning.)

The last two weeks we've explored the first two of five keys to achieving wealth and success with ease: 1) Follow your natural passion and 2) Know the reason why (Be in touch with your motivation). These alone are not enough. The third key is to live intentionally...have a plan.

I guess at this point you might be expecting another "method" or "formula". There are actually more than enough good formulas for success, and the world does not need another one. How many times have you started on some great new plan--anything from a new diet or exercise plan to a financial or business plan--yet failed to complete it? The plan looked great on paper. You began with lots of hope and energy, but somehow things petered out. Let's take a different approach and speak to the question, "Why do so many good plans fail?"

Good, passionate, talented, motivated people fail. Why? They defeat themselves from within. Deep within each of us--in our hidden unconscious thoughts--there is a continual conversation taking place. It's happening now within you, beneath your awareness. There is a voice reflecting on your conscious thoughts and experiences. That voice is speaking inner messages, or scripts, that you once heard, or repeated again and again to yourself until you eventually accepted them as the unchallenged truth. Some of these messages are positive and self-affirming. But others are negative and self-defeating. "If I spend, I will have less." "If I just had the opportunity that others have, I would succeed." "Some day I'll accomplish my dream, when I'm ready."

How do you turn around years of self-defeating inner scripts? You will need to completely re-program your thinking at the deepest level. Overwhelm your thinking with another voice that continually tells you, "I can". Repeat this message to yourself daily in a thousand creative words and ways. When did that happen last?

This week, promise to overwhelm yourself with positive, self-affirming messages. You will be amazed how even long standing barriers melt away.

Sometimes it helps to hear a new message in a new voice. Discover for yourself what this means.

Stop waiting for your dreams, and begin living them. Succeed, even following the same formulas and plans that never seemed to work before, because you have eliminated the real barrier and transformed the voice within.


Coming later this Spring to WealthyMindWaves E-zine:

Seven Minutes to Breakthrough : A series of seven minute audio clips to help you tap into the power of your subconscious mind to achieve an immediate breakthrough to greater wealth and success. But why wait? Experience this help now.

Intending Your Greatest Wealth and Success,

Sue Stebbins



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