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Authentic Power
Accelerated Breakthrough CD
Sue Stebbins, The Maven of Accelerated Results

If Oprah's Doctor Recommended 
You Listen to Someone...
...Would You?

"Sue, I liked your CD's very much.  This kind of empowering imagery, music and suggestion can change the course of illness."

Dr. Mehmet Oz #1 New York Times Bestselling Author of You - The Owner's Manual to a Healthier Younger Body

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Authentic Power

(Instant Download - MP3 Version)

Are you willing to know that you can create anything you want
in your life and let go of anything you don’t want?

Receive tools to access the wise, deeper, powerful part of yourself that can help you reach any goal and create any dream without strain.

You’ll feel in a way that allows success to flow to you and through you much more easily than before.

Listen to an audio sample:

Let go of…

  • Stress, physical tension, fatigue
  • Feelings of powerlessness
  • Low self confidence
  • Negative thinking
  • Disempowering behaviors

See yourself…

  • With confidence
  • Taking effective action
  • Facing fears and responsibilities with ease
  • Successfully achieving your goals
Experience fulfillment and wonder
as you say to yourself, “I can.”

You are the director and creator of your life experience.

Use this CD daily as a tool to:

By repeating the power focus thoughts and affirmations in your mind, and by speaking and feeling them out loud throughout your day, you have the opportunity to reverse negative attitudes and ideas, allowing you to embody these new truths in your life. You will experience significant and lasting positive transformation in just 21 days.

It’s time to change the WAY you CREATE and Experience A Breakthrough in your life.

Successwave Accelerated Breakthrough Audio Programs bring about life-enhancing breakthroughs and permanent changes utilizing the latest scientific research and Sue Stebbin's Science of Accelerated Breakthroughs. An exclusive combination of music, neurolinguistics, and information theory will direct your core beliefs and emotions to transform your negative patterns now, and create new powerful successful outcomes that will last.


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Authentic Power

(Instant Download - MP3 Version)


Recommended by Dr. Mehmet Oz
#1 New York Times Bestselling Author of
You - The Owner's Manual to a Healthier Younger Body

Authentic Power gives the tools to create success! Sue Stebbins has a soft, great voice to create relaxation & visualization.  Her choice of soft background music enhances the process.  To relieve stress or direct energies, this CD is a short, 20 minutes or so, quick process, once or twice daily to bring about deep changes that one desires. Having a past success, such as winning a race as a child, having a great sale, feeling the beauty of a sunset, can help the feeling of success flow through oneself.  One can plan, direct & create life's experiences:  "I can."  With the power of suggestion & affirmations, Sue Stebbins has given us the gift for succes!
Dr. DeeDee Torrell (along with the members of The Metaphysical Society).

"I listened to [Authentic Power] and loved where it brought me. If you have come into contact with Sue Stebbins you have the good luck of being in the presence of Care, Guidance and Dedication to the Highest Good of your well being. Her CDs and Custom Audios massage the mind into relaxing and accepting a new perspective, at the same time the Tonal Experience lead us Home."
Victoria Friedman, Co- Founder Vistar Foundation,

"Through your help in assisting me to create the life I want, listening to the CD has helped boost those positive, encouraging thoughts to continue to find the powerful part of myself and to continue pursuing my dreams. Listening to the CD helps reinforce the release of past thoughts and ideas and helps me unleash more positive, healthy images and thoughts of myself and my ideas. I particulary love how I feel more calm and centered after my brief time with the CD. I have much more of the "I CAN" attitude...I feel joyful and ready for the day. Thank you, Sue. It's better than my daily multi-vitamin!!

I love the new CD, Authentic Power! Within a couple of weeks, I've found myself more able to accept my gifts and talents in the world, as opposed to how I used to think, which was "I'm not good enough..." And what's also exciting is that others are seeing this in me too!
Deana P. LoGiudice, L.M.T.

Thanks for all your coaching and inspiration! Just being in your presence lifts my spirit to new heights!   

View more Accelerated Breakthrough CDs.

Authentic Power

(Instant Download - MP3 Version)


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We have an unconditional 100% money back guarantee on all our products!

If after you’ve purchased and listened to our products for sixty days, you aren’t completely satisfied, we’ll gladly refund your money--no questions asked! Our 16 years in the leadership and personal development business as a leader in accelerated learning makes accelerating your results our number one UNCONDITIONALLY GUARANTEED goal.

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