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Mind Your Head Brain Training Book by Sue Stebbins and Carla Clark
by Sue Stebbins &
Carla Clark

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Successwaves Coaching Joint Partnering Policies

Our Commitment to You and Your Smart Advantage:

At Successwaves we are proud of you, our clients, of our shared commitment to delivering excellence in business and life, through a proven 20-year process, scientifically acknowledged to provide clients with the advantage of accelerated learning and results: Higher profiles, clarity, and ultimately personal freedom.

We’ve worked hard to become the number one Financial Breakthrough Coaching on the Web, and we want to extend the benefit of our experience to you, and have you appreciating all that we bring, and all that we can TOGETHER help you to more easily, and powerfully experience in your business, and its service to your life, and your community.

Our Relationships and Your Relationships Are Based on Trust:

“Trust = Reliability and Delight.” We think that says it all.

Because we are a boutique coaching practice, we limit the number of high performance clients we work with, and we select our clients based on mutual selection – to grow and develop sustainable practices over the long term. You’ve selected us because you know that we are the only coaching company currently offering custom coaching brain science based methods for keeping you focused, leveraging your best, and developing your leadership and business strengths, so you can cut through the clutter, and experience the delight your business was meant to provide you with – in meaning and in income and lifestyle. Our mission is to have you experience that as quickly and certainly as possible.

Please honor us – both of us – by reading and sending back our payment agreements – with an email saying, “I agree and accept”. Then we’ve formed our first trust-based agreement.

Successwaves coaching joint partnering policies

Successwaves International LLC

Successwaves coaching joint partnering policies

Investment Payment and Coaching:

Your coaching is your investment in the future, and leading yourself to success. With your brain science based coaching with Successwaves, you have an advantage available to few: How to learn faster, smarter and with results we can prove.

Coaching is three times a month with a week off. This is designed to enhance your learning and integration, and make results happen faster by having you integrate your learning on the week off. You’ll be billed at the same time every month, so if you started min-month, you’ll be billed every month at that time.

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Reminder: Payment is due upon receipt. Coaching is always paid for at the time of the agreed upon date. Failure to promptly pay for your agreed upon coaching is a breach of agreement, and we know you want to have the best experience – and will. So, imagine what having the best learning in the world continuously will do for you and your business.

Successwaves coaching joint partnering policies

Start Now with Successwave Brain Training Business and Personal Coaching

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