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Mind Your Head Brain Training Book by Sue Stebbins and Carla Clark
by Sue Stebbins &
Carla Clark

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Breakthrough Self-Development CDs Endorsed by Dr. Mehmet Oz, Oprah’s Favorite Doctor ...Master Coach and Mindfulness Based Financial Freedom expert, Sue Stebbins, shatters income barriers to financial success in only 8 weeks.

04/26/04 - All Business Article on Releasing Overwhelm


It's a paradox of stress relief that many of the people in need of stress relief have the least time to learn stress-relief techniques.
Sue Stebbins, the founder of Motivational Re-Source, said she hopes to break that cycle with a set of CDs designed to help people relax and overcome the "noise" of everyday life.

New workout combines cardio, muscle toning and self-hypnosis (press release)

xxNaturaljourneys™, a leading producer and distributor of home exercise videos, has released Lose Fat Fast, an innovative weight loss program that combines intense fitness workouts with self-hypnosis segments. Acclaimed fitness expert Tamilee Webb and hypnotherapist Sue Stebbins help you gain control over...

February 2005 - Hypnotherapist Sue Stebbins, C1. H., has created a dynamic program to help you accelerate the results of Tamilee's Lose Fat Fast workout.


...For more than two decades, hypnotherapist Sue Stebbins, C1. H., has helped thousands of clients improve their performance, concentration and self-confidence. Through her programs, clients have conquered addictions, managed stress and anxiety, lost weight, and reinvented their lives. She is a board certified clinical hypnotherapist, certified stress management counselor and audio author. Sue is the founder of Successwaves, a private coaching and consulting practice.

04/26/04 - Interview with Fairfield County Business Journal


...Sue Stebbins, "chief morale officer" of Motivational Re-Source... to give them the tools to deal with stress without trying to create any radical change in their lives. "We focus on creating a desired outcome, we don't focus on the problem."

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