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Mind Your Head Brain Training Book by Sue Stebbins and Carla Clark
by Sue Stebbins &
Carla Clark

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As seen in The Club Managers of America, CT Chapter
April 2004 Issue
21 Days to Releasing Overwhelm
Sue Stebbins, Life and Business Coach,

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Breakthrough Now with the Releasing Overwhelm CD

Releasing Overwhelm Stress Reduction Breakthrough Business Coaching CD

Secret #1: Breath and Change Your Focus

If you find yourself in the midst of some situation or event that is triggering a negative reaction or feeling in you….simply take a slow deep breath, (which automatically calms your nervous system and fills you with more energy) filling yourself with well-being and saying to yourself internally, “ I Intend to Feel Good”. The trick here is that YOU CHOOSE your reaction and YOU create your response.

You will notice that if you choose how you respond in difficult situations and don’t over react - you begin the process of creating positive energy that will literally erase and dissolve those feelings of confusion and helplessness - because you’ve told your mind and body that you are in charge.

Yes this will take persistence on your part - by repeating this practice daily you will notice that you have more energy - because you are “Intending to Feel Good”.

Secret #2: Practice some form of Focused Relaxation and Mental Imagery Daily for the Next 21 Days

From a scientific point of view, research found that people using guided meditation (even once a week) dropped their health care costs by over 50%, with those over 40 experiencing a 68% reduction. It takes 21 days to change a mental habit pattern.

Everything from stress/weight/habit disorders and pain or painful outlooks can be reversed or improved with relaxation and mental rehearsal.

Can you imagine what your home and work life would look like if you spent just twenty minutes a day…learning how to relax your mind and release all that accumulated stress and learn to focus on what you wanted?

I’ve designed Releasing Overwhelm, Quantum Weight Release, and Authentic Power, as well as my custom audio for clients to help them achieve just that.

“Sue – I liked your CD’s very much - this kind of empowering mental imagery and suggestion can change the course of illness.” Dr. Mehmet Oz - Celebrated Heart Surgeon and Co- Founder Columbia Presbyterian Alternative Medicine Center.

If you were to buy Releasing Overwhelm and listen to it - ideally once a day for 21 days - or even a couple of times a week - I think you would be amazed at the effect it would have on your sense of well-being and energy.

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