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Mind Your Head Brain Training Book by Sue Stebbins and Carla Clark
by Sue Stebbins &
Carla Clark

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As seen in The Club Managers of America, CT Chapter
April 2004 Issue
21 Days to Releasing Overwhelm
Sue Stebbins, Life and Business Coach,

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Breakthrough Now with the Releasing Overwhelm CD

Releasing Overwhelm Stress Reduction Breakthrough Business Coaching CD

Do you ever find yourself wondering how long you can cope with the amount and quantity of ongoing Stress in your life? Whether it’s managing your workload, or the volume of information you are supposed to be on top of - or the combined demands of work and family and social life - you find yourself so completely exhausted at the end of the day - you feel numb. You may even feel angry, or exhausted or deeply frustrated.

If you are overwhelmed, like I used to be - you probably stew over how to fix your situation for good. In an attempt to feel better you may work harder, avoid the fact that a situation is really disturbing you, and swallow your feelings and reactions, or explode them on the easiest target. Maybe your health is showing signs of disturbance, or you are absent from your relationships. Your life or parts of it - can feel like one unmanageable heap of chaos.

Bottom line is you're stuck and frustrated and perhaps you need some tools and encouragement. Congratulations! You are open to believing there is the possibility of handling things differently. Opening up to receiving a new way of coping is the beginning of change - and you can change anything with an open mind and strong intention.

What are the symptoms of Overwhelm?

If you want to move beyond this you can with a little examination and some proactive strategies.

Do These Mental Stresses Apply to You or your Employees?

If you answered “yes” to these then most likely you could use some help in feeling more in the Flow of Your life. Perhaps you’d like to feel more energized and motivated and live with a greater certainty that you can really enjoy your life and not just survive it. You CAN be more EFFECTIVE.

Two Powerful Time and Cost Effective Secrets, Secrets for Taking Back Control of your Life

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