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~ Ingrid Dikmen Financial Advisor, Senior Portfolio Manager

~ Mike M - Finance Professional

Releasing Overwhelm
Accelerated Breakthrough CD
Sue Stebbins, The Maven of Accelerated Results

If Oprah's Doctor Recommended 
You Listen to Someone...
...Would You?

"Sue, I liked your CD's very much.  This kind of empowering imagery, music and suggestion can change the course of illness."

Dr. Mehmet Oz #1 New York Times Bestselling Author of You - The Owner's Manual to a Healthier Younger Body

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Learn how to internalize and influence your success:

It’s time to change the WAY you CREATE and
Experience A Breakthrough in your life.

Successwave Accelerated Breakthrough Audio Programs bring about life-enhancing breakthroughs and permanent changes utilizing the latest scientific research and Sue Stebbin's Science of Accelerated Breakthroughs. An exclusive combination of music, neurolinguistics, and information theory will direct your core beliefs and emotions to transform your negative patterns now, and create new powerful successful outcomes that will last.


"If Sue Stebbins handed out degrees, I would proudly display it next to my Harvard MBA.  The 'post graduate' creative and motivational training has had practical and significant benefits for me and my client."

Jeffrey Brodlieb, Director
PAS Management Consultants

"Sue's work is unparalled in achieving long lasting results amid the most complicated and stressful scenarios."
Fortune 100 National Sales and Marketing Executive

Experience Releasing Overwhelm:

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"Although I was impressed with your expertise before you formed Successwaves, you have truly provided my staff with tools and strategies that greatly increased our effectiveness.  Your approach was positive, confident, intuitive, and absolutely right on target."
Doris Cline, GTE

While helping Sue Stebbins with a press release for her latest guided meditation CD, titled Releasing Overwhelm, I listened to the CD so that I could grasp the full essence of its communication. I was sincerely impressed with the professionalism of Sue's message, as well as the music and tonality. For that reason, I was compelled to write a review.

It is apparent that an immense amount of heart, soul and passion went into the creation of the CD as I found myself totally surrending to the experience. For those seeking a shift in reality, Sue's latest CD will definitely provide new skills for handling change and transitional situations.
Empowering and Uplifting, By Charlene Rashkow

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(Instant Download - MP3 Version)

Unconditional Guarantee

We have an unconditional 100% money back guarantee on all our products!

If after you’ve purchased and listened to our products for sixty days, you aren’t completely satisfied, we’ll gladly refund your money--no questions asked! Our 16 years in the leadership and personal development business as a leader in accelerated learning makes accelerating your results our number one UNCONDITIONALLY GUARANTEED goal.

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