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How to Relax to Lose Weight and Stress

by Sue Stebbins

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Following, I'm going to give you a simplified version of the approach (which, if adopted, will reduce your stress, maximize your efforts and finally show you how to lose the weight you want to lose and stay free from emotional eating.) You'll literally fall in love with your body and movement and never feel the obligation of "exercise." And by combining the three steps you double the programs effectiveness.

You might be wondering what qualifies me to write about this subject. Not only have I educated myself about these techniques, but I've also used them for the past 35 years and I've maintained my exercise program and healthy weight for all that time. Plus, I've had a private coaching practice with over 9,000 hours of one-on-one sessions where I have developed the simplest strategy for getting past the stress of overdoing, which leaves people feeling burned out and frustrated.

Before I share the three steps with you, ask yourself this one question: Would I be willing to follow through on these three simple practices for a total of one hour a day? Remember, following through means becoming free of stress, free of the excess weight, free of any jeopardy to your health and perhaps free of potentially losing your job. If you said yes, then let's go.

I. Buy A Relaxation Guided Imagery Tape for Weight Release and Use it.

II. Keep a Food and Emotion Diary For a Week or Longer.

There are two parts to this simple strategy. Most of my clients who initially participate in this simple act do it with a huge feeling of fear, and massive judgment. Their eyes glaze over and they don't want to go forward. Why? Because having to face the " terrible" self that is out of control with regard to eating is hard. I was once there and I know that nobody likes to take the first step into awareness.

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