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Some Trends Delineated
The following trends are from Dr. James Canton/Institute for Global Futures

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The Future of Globalization

The new realities of more open global trade will offer both risk and opportunity in the near future. The rise of China and India; the clash of different cultures and ideas. Free trade, open markets and improved quality of life will define the 21st century. In the future of work, distance is dead and only the agile and smart who know how to collaborate will be the winners. Rich, interactive, multi-sensory Net worlds that help workers collaborate 24/7 is next.

The Future of Climate Change

The environment is changing and we need to prepare for increased global warming, pollution, and threats to biodiversity that will present new business opportunities. At the same time, the Clean Tech market will offer business a large financial opportunity to clean up the planet. Climate change will become a strategically important global trend to consumers, business and nations as threats to health, life, property and security grow more profound in the 21st century. Global warming from carbon energy sources such as coal, gas and oil dominance as well as natural causes, will lead to increased threats of extreme weather changes such as glacial melting, shoreline flooding, widespread drought and drastic climate shifts. Food production supplies will not keep pace with growing population demand especially in Asia, Africa and Latin America without new solutions to production and distribution. Security and defense implications of climate change will emerge as one of the leading social and political issues of the 21st century. Ecological disasters, on a scale not seen before, are likely as climate change becomes a global public policy issue.

The Future of the Individual

The near future will provide opportunities for personal wealth creation that will underlie all other trends. Individual invention and innovation will accelerate business success. We will also see a struggle to balance individual freedom, privacy and security. The Personal Portal, a digital intelligence that lives in cars, homes, our office, our clothes, embedded inside of us for some, will redefine the notion of computing by moving from device to device, location to location, while serving our needs.

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