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Some Trends Delineated
The following trends are from Dr. James Canton/Institute for Global Futures

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Fueling the Future

The energy crisis, the costs, the post-oil future, and the future of energy alternatives like hydrogen, hybrids, and biofuels will be an essential factor into every business decision. The critical role that energy will play in every aspect of our lives in the 21st century will shape business and society. Global demand for energy in the near future will outpace supply within twenty-five years unless new sources are found to support global growth. Energy terrorism and theft will become a future weapon of choice, threatening global peace and security. New sources of renewable abundant and cost-effective energy must be fast developed within 20-30 years to manage the population's expectations of enhanced quality of life worldwide. Carbon based pollution, from fossil fuels, will be linked to a growing number of future public health risks. Energy security will be one of the chief concerns in the 21st century leading to global competition, conflict and the collaboration of nations and corporations.

The Innovation Economy

The central driver of future commerce will be innovation industries. Investing today in fast moving patents, innovations, ideas, like the Four Power Tools of the future: nano-bio-neuro-info, and products will shape competitive advantage.

Talent War

Talented people are the key to business success. There will be more jobs than skilled people to fill them. Companies will compete for the growing shortage of skilled people. More incentives to keep and recruit the best people will emerge.

Longevity Medicine

Health care is being transformed by biotech and genomics. People will be living longer, healthier and more productive lives. The human enhancement marketplace, offering new organs, new memories, new limbs, new skin and new lives, will translate into the largest market of the future—even immortality, for some, will be possible. Preventive medicine that predicts disease before it occurs. Personalized health care designed for our specific human and health enhancement needs will transform health care. DNA, engineered for personalized medicine, will be used to create organs on-demand for a world wide market of individuals looking for new options in life and performance extension.

Weird Science

Always-On wireless Internet, teleportation, smart materials, space tourism—Weird new science will change every aspect of our lives, culture and economy, leading to new jobs, new products and new options. Nations and businesses that invest in future science will profit in economic growth. The next generation internet will merge telephony and video into a vibrant, interactive, sensory experience that will shape industries such as entertainment, retail, health care and education.

Securing the Future

A new risk landscape is emerging from war, to hackers, to terrorists, to mind control, which will pose new challenges for individuals, governments and business. The convergence of computers, networks, and wireless technologies will create both opportunities and threats. The personal security market will be lucrative.

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