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Mind Your Head Brain Training Book by Sue Stebbins and Carla Clark
by Sue Stebbins &
Carla Clark

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Gain the Mental Edge to Lead
“What’s Stopping You From Bringing Your Great Ideas to Fruition?”
by Sue Stebbins

Copyright 2008

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Transcend Roadblocks

One of the most important actions powerful leaders practice is developing new habits that increase and expand on their gifts so that they move through the intricacies of their thinking. Rather than taking in more knowledge, they transcend the roadblocks they face each day and apply more effective learning practices that are focused and action oriented. This type of transformation does not come from gathering more knowledge; it comes from learning how to focus, which requires a true shift in our practices and efforts. LOHAS leaders tap into the power of daily discipline and focus in a way that reaches results. They discover, identify and strengthen habits that work, and let go of those that don’t work. They harness the power of ‘Strategic Introspection’ and maximize their ability to clearly ATTRACT rather than chase after results. They also reduce mental clutter and think with crystal clear clarity, focus and alignment. And they reduce unnecessary distractions that keep them from their highest level of contribution and income generation.

A New Kind of Leadership

How do we reach this new kind of leadership that high achievers reach? How do we begin to live with focus and clarity? We start by getting a mental edge that leads to mindfulness. We stay ahead of the information overload by learning to overcome procrastination and distraction. We shift our thinking by first focusing on the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical and we become aware that this type of leadership does not come from anywhere but from within ourselves. Once starting on this new path of learning, we release all obstacles, face each day with new excitement and anticipation, find balance in all of our endeavors and embrace life with joy and self-confidence. With this type of leadership we have an effect on human behavior, accomplishing great missions and persistently turning everything we touch into efficiency and productivity. With this type of leadership we become one of those people who are celebrated in the company of others, inspired, stretched and stimulated into a radical success breakthrough.

About The Author: Sue Stebbins aka " The Maven of Accelerated Results "- and her Successwaves Coaching Partners are the Trusted "Go to Source" For the World's Leading Experts, Executives, Business Owners, and Career Transitioners, who want to Powerfully And Quickly Gain the Clarity and Proven Innovation Strategies they need to Transform their Business, Income, and Fulfillment. She can be reached toll free at 866.731.8344.

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