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Mind Your Head Brain Training Book by Sue Stebbins and Carla Clark
by Sue Stebbins &
Carla Clark

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Whether you are a professional athlete, a serious sports enthusiast or just a beginner, Directed Imagination and an individually developed program will assist you in achieving enhanced athletic performance.

Empowering your training with directed imagination audio leads to success - read this powerful testimonial - "The Ultimate in Mind Fitness" - triathlete testimonial.

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Simplified: the process involves relaxing your body, clearing your mind of distractions and imagining end result imagery or positive emotion filled scenes. Whether you are a skeptic or not - your mind is structured in such a way that the therapeutic application of corrective or end result imagery and suggestion obtained while in a relaxed state will work.

The reason is this: people experience reality indirectly, as if they were watching a TV screen in their heads (their unconscious projections based on past memory/experience.) This means that they don't experience the world as it really is - they can only see what is on their "screen." What is on most people's "screens" is often limiting and outworn negative programs that block an individual's capacity to succeed and to create his or her optimal experience of choice.

Your subconscious mind makes no distinction between "real" sensory data and the vivid sense impressions that are developed in a therapeutic imagery program. By inducing a relaxed state, we access your subconscious and give it powerful, positive suggestion to correct the negative, self-defeating or incorrect messages that have been encoded from the past.

The result: negative or limiting subconscious components are reprogrammed and directed to achieve the feelings, behaviors and actions that will create the positive end-state you wish to experience.

Directed Imagination and the coaching you will receive is really learning the process of choosing or defining what you want to consciously experience and receiving the appropriate programs to reverse any blocks or poor habits thereby directing your mind in positive ways.

Ms. Stebbins is a board certified clinical hypnotherapist and consultant/speaker on Sports and Athletic Enhancement, Stress and Conflict Management, Leadership Training, Self Esteem and Habit Management.

Through a customized program and coaching developed for you or your group, you will achieve the results to which you've always aspired.

For more information about Successwaves individual and group programs, coaching, tapes and corporate trainings, please contact us at (203) 831-8344 or email Sue Stebbins by clicking here.

You will find more detailed information for purchasing tapes and arranging trainings on our New Audio and Sessions with Sue pages.

All Successwaves programs and tapes are designed for your personal use in a self-development program and are not intended as a substitute for therapeutic or medical attention of any nature. If you have a history of health, psychological, or psychiatric problems, you should consider consulting a doctor or therapist beforehand. Neither Successwaves, Sue Stebbins, nor any of their licensors or representatives accept any responsibility for improper use of tapes or information.

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