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Hi, Sue!! 

Here is my day three email to report how the tape is going.

WOW!!  I listened to it before working out with Andrew on Thursday.  I found a quiet spot in a corner of the gym and sat with earphones on...eyes closed...and listened so intently...I basically forgot I was sitting in the gym doing this!  When I was finished I got up,  grabbed my water and towel and walked toward the fitness room.  As I passed two gentlemen who were talking...I overheard them say something about athletes and how relaxing was important.  As I walked by I just had that sense they were talking about me.  They said "Amazing" as I walked by. I felt like I was a horse with blinders on as I headed to Andrew's officeMy workout, you are wondering?  Unbelievable.  It was easy...I was focused...I had a purpose.  In the middle of it...Andrew said, gee, I feel like this is too slow today. I said, yes...that it was him...he laughed and we bumped it up.  I finished feeling like I had 2 more hours of hard work in me. 

    I listened to Releasing Overwhelm as I prepared for my day on Friday morning.  I was interrupted by Scott 3/4 of the way through...but found that to beunbelievably helpful too.  I had planned to get to my swim early to relax and listen to my tape but traffic prevented those extra minutes.  So, I just listened to it as I got dressed...kept those key points in my head...and had a terrific swim.  I even went upstairs afterwards and did an hour spin on a bike with another trainer.   

    I listened again to the CD this morning before starting my day.  I found myself thinking of the stress of Tracey's wedding and heard a different message then the day before.  I went off to the gym...sat in an open area and relaxed in a chair.  There were no quiet places to be figured a comfortable chair was the best I could do.  Well...I was able to block out all noises and focus on that tape.  I went to the fitness room...bumped into a friend...who was complaining, etc.  She asked me how I stayed so focused, etc.  I ran the treadmill like with great intention and determination.  Usually I get so bored...but today I looked down and I had already run 2.5 miles!  A man came along and ran next to me.  He as a runner...quite that I would have looked at and compared myself (negatively) to.  Well, I did not realize that as he ran next to me all I thought of was how thankful I was to have someone to run next to that was so fit and running so well.  A different outlook!  I finished...felt great...stretched and was ready for a busy day. 

    I had to rush home to see my daughter Elyssa's art displayed in an Art Show...then rush to Norwalk to help my other daughter, Tracey and her fiancé, Sean with wedding decisions, plans...and to relieve tension and stress for Tracey.  (A long story I will share with you on Wednesday if we have time!!)  Anyway, having listened to your CD kept me balanced and available for Tracey.  I kept thinking about the bubble...and kept her stress out.  To make a long story short....I had a terrific day.  I have the best kids in the world...and now I am receiving such gifts as a result of giving my time, energy and heart to Tracey.  What could have been a very stressful day between juggling Elyssa and her needs and Tracey and Sean and their turned out wonderfully.  Because I was in such a good place!

    So, not only am I listening to the tape...I am listening to the CD too.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I am loving this journey. I played the tape for Elyssa as we drove to her softball practice on Thursday night. She was intrigued. I really think this is something she could benefit from.

Heidi- New York Triathlete In Training 

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