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For Immediate Release CONTACT Contact Name: Shelly Macfarland (Press Liason) Phone Number: 1.866.731.8344

CEO Sue Stebbins Selects CarolAnn Jacobs to Present
At The CFA Society Women's Executive Forum in Chicago

carolann-jacobsNorwalk, CT, October 9, 2012: Founder of Successwaves International, Sue Stebbins (second image to the right) selects Senior Successwaves Neuro Advisor, CarolAnn Jacobs (first image to the right) to present at the CFA Society's Chicago Club on Thursday, October 11th, 2012 to speak about The New Smart Career Formula For Mid Career Financial Women; It All Starts With Your Brain. It will be from 4:00 - 6:00 pm at 81 E. Van Buren St., Chicago IL 60605.

The workshop is focused on mid-career women, designed to engage participants in identifying tools to manage the myriad issues women face at the mid-point of their professional lives. These issues include lack of sponsorship, mentors, and networks in the workforce; limited exposure to assignments with significant responsibility; balancing personal and professional obligations; speaking to/influencing male colleagues in the manner and in terms they will understand and process; overcoming the objections and challenges of career re-entry.

Sue-Stebbins-success-coach2-breakthrough-nlp-business-coaching"Women today, particularly in the financial and technical domains, face extremely challenging work and life balance issues. Successwaves is on a mission to bring the best of the new proven era in based research and strategies, to help them flourish in their roles as new leaders, so they can bring solutions, to themselves, their families and their work, says Stebbins. We are passionate about how these talented individuals, given the right tools, and support, can reach extraordinary fulfillment, and create careers of impact and meaning, while also remaining healthy vital, and modeling new skills for their families and children."

Successwaves International has over 19 years of brain based strategic coaching for high potential leaders, and executives, specializing in particular in high growth, and emerging industries. Successwaves specializes in helping gifted and talented, or high potential candidates, develop the 'new' brain based leadership skill sets, such as trust based relationship building, optimizing focus for performance, sustaining high impact resilient and optimistic team building. Successwaves Coaching methodology is based on the latest neuroscience research, on how brains, work and can be optimized for leadership and performance. They are the only company in the world to offer custom brain optimization programs for their executive and business clients, helping them reach the top levels of their industries.


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