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Carla Clark

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Why does coaching work so well?

The time that we spend with our clients is the most important time for us. We listen actively and completely and ask powerful questions that move our client's thinking forward towards the solution. We support and encourage our clients and we challenge them when they need it. We help them discover what they most want personally and professionally, and offer them perspective to help them make their life more fulfilling, successful and rewarding.

How are coaching programs structured?

The most effective results from coaching occur over a period of time. We recommend that clients make a three-month commitment to the process.

Clients have the choice of working with us on a specific programme or on a free-form basis. With free-form coaching, clients determine the agenda of the coaching programme, as coach and client work co-creatively towards the client's goals. With specific programme coaching, such as our Successful Self Transformational Coaching and Millionaire Thinking® CoachingProgrammes, we work with you through a proven programme following a set “syllabus”, alongside your agreed goals.

Clients may also choose one-on-one or group coaching. Sessions may be held over the telephone or face to face, with session times ranging from 20 minutes to 1 hour for phone coaching, or between 1 hour to half day or full day for face to face. The frequency of coaching sessions are weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Would coaching be right for me now?

Some questions to ask yourself include:

How do I get started?

Ask yourself if you are really excited about moving "Away From" something that no longer works in your life- and wish the cutting edge tools and strategies for "Moving Toward" your vision or Goal. Call us and committ to the process of achieving this- and we will set up a mutually Great time to work weekly or two times a week -depending on your schedule and level of intensive focus.

Discuss with us whether you will be paying by check or Credit Card online.

Make your payment.

Get psyched - your space is secured.

Go to either our Free Goals Report or Free Tools-"What do I want?" and see which format works best for you - for organizing and focusing on which issues are most important to you to work with. Fill it in and email it - before our first session so we shorten things and maximize our time and focus.

That's it!

You are investing in your Optimal Now, and Future- prepare for great things.


New client response after first session:

Hi Sue:

Hope all is well with you.  I'm really enjoying the tapes. 

I definitely feel a difference in energy.  I feel more power and intensity and focus. 
I am getting tasks done more easily.  It's great so far. 

If this is any indication of what lies ahead, I am very psyched.   


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