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Amazing Clients
~ Ingrid Dikmen Financial Advisor, Senior Portfolio Manager

~ Mike M - Finance Professional

Command Your Worth Business Breakthrough CD

Command Your Worth
Breakthrough Business Coaching CD

READY TO COMMAND Your Worth in Setting Your Fees!

Command Your Worth

“Hi Sue,

Just to let you know I had a few open moments just shortly ago while in the office and listened to the audio on "Charge The Fees You Deserve". It didn't take long to realize it was something I needed to hear. I hadn't even thought about it. You are a genius for even making such a program available. You and Tom made such wonderful points. Blissing!

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Why settle for less when you KNOW you're worth MORE?

Nothing Outside of you, including the economy, has any negative effect on your fees. ITS UP TO YOU DO COMMAND IT!

If you want to be introduced to the accelerated results of Sue Stebbins and her Successwaves Process™ for yourself or your businesses growth, than this CD is a wonderful simple and powerful solution.

How to charge 20-100 times more, and get it.

How would your business benefit by a custom introduction to its unique strategic value?

Would having the SECRETS - the confidence and boldness - to CHARGE What You Deserve - and HAVE THAT SERVE your market and clients benefit you and your world?

Would having more clients, sales, or a deeper understanding of your value create more sales?

With this accelerated breakthrough CD, in one hour you will have THE CONFIDENCE and the blueprint and a new model to attract clients who know you are worth investing in, and at your best prices.

Learn to give the added value you were meant to give to the world.

“If Sue Stebbins handed out Degrees I would proudly place it next
To My Harvard MBA”

Jeff Brodlieb, PAS Associates

How does it work? Neuroscience documents that by training our minds to concentrate while In a relaxed brainwave state – we are able to retain and hasten the learning of new material, and since learning your core message, or your core goal is the key to your success, Imagine what that could do for your results?

Are you Ready for a Breakthrough?

Order here now, or give this CD to An entrepreneur or leader you know who is seeking a breakthrough or foresight for their business.

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We have an unconditional 100% money back guarantee on all our products!

If after you’ve purchased and listened to our products for sixty days, you aren’t completely satisfied, we’ll gladly refund your money--no questions asked! Our 16 years in the leadership and personal development business as a leader in accelerated learning makes accelerating your results our number one UNCONDITIONALLY GUARANTEED goal.

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