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Plugging Energy Leaks

This list represents some common ways energy leaks occur in the four cornerstones of life. When our energy level is low, it's as if we are driving a vehicle with tires that are leaking air. It slows our forward movement and may even lead to drama (flat tire or an accident). Click the box by each statement that applies to you (whether it applies sometimes or most of the time). Be honest. When done, click the "Calculate Total" to see your final scores.


I compare myself to others.
I second-guess my decisions.
I keep mental notes about incomplete tasks or projects.
I think that other people work less than I do, and it bothers me.
I think that other people are luckier than I am.
When I make an error, I reprimand myself and think about it repeatedly.
I worry that others will find out how inadequate I am.
There are communications that I need to initiate that cause me stress.
My values and those of my employer (or my friends or my career field) don't match.
I think about what's wrong in my life and/or in the life of others.
I have good intentions, but get distracted and lack follow-through.
There are many changes I talk about making but haven't started.
It's easier for me to complain than to make requests.
I allow toxic people or situations to remain in my life.
My mind has a will of its own.


I get upset when others disappoint me.
I take care of the needs of others rather than my own and then resent it.
I keep my negative emotions (anger) hidden inside.
I take on the emotions of others in my environment.
When I'm criticized I get defensive and/or angry.
When I forgive someone, their emotional debt remains.
I feel obligated to do things for my family and friends.
I feel guilty when I do something strictly for myself.
I feel guilty when I sit and do nothing specific.
I'm afraid of loss (job, spouse, health, death, money, etc.).
I have very little to look forward to every day.
There is nothing that I feel passionate about.
I'm reluctant to share my feelings with others.
I have a short fuse and erupt easily.
My emotions manage me.


I consume food/beverages that are not healthy (sugar, caffeine, chocolate).
I focus on my physical shortcomings (weight, facial or body features).
I ignore my body's communication (pain) or medicate it.
I don't get the sleep I need and/or I don't feel fully rested upon awakening.
I don't walk or exercise my body consistently.
I have a health concern for which I've avoided getting help.
When I get ill, I suspect the worst.
I get impatient with my body for the time it needs to heal.
When I'm busy but tired, I push my body to keep working.
I eat on the run, skip or take late meals because I'm too busy.
It's been a long time since I've taken a vacation.
I rush to get as much done as possible.
I expect to get a cold a few times each year.
There are piles of clutter in my home or office.
I do not live in the geographic area of my choice.


I don't meditate, or if I do, I don't think I do it well.
I rarely take time for daily spiritual nourishment.
I lack a spiritual or religious practice.
I don't often feel grateful.
I believe that love needs to be earned.
I don't take the time to watch a sunset or admire nature.
I feel disconnected from others.
I have difficulty believing in miracles.
I'd rather be nice than tell the truth.
I discount or distrust my intuition.
I listen to gossip and talk about others in their absence.
I'd rather be right than happy.
I make promises that I don't keep.
I haven't fully forgiven others who have hurt me.
I give time, money, or love to a select few.

Scoring: Value each item at 2 points and tally your total points for each section and then overall.

Total Mental Energy Leak Points

Total Emotional Energy Leak Points

Total Physical Energy Leak Points

Total Spiritual Energy Leak Points

TOTAL Energy Leak Points

Imagine that your full functioning vehicle with BALANCED tires registers at 120 points (30 points for each tire). How many points do you have left after subtracting your energy leaks?

Remaining Energy Points. Are you lopsided or balanced?

Become aware of how you affect your energy throughout each day. Most people have energy tied up in unproductive strategies that produce unnecessary drama and chaos. Plugging up these leaks will increase your vitality and enthusiasm for what is truly important to you.

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