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Mind Your Head Brain Training Book by Sue Stebbins and Carla Clark
by Sue Stebbins &
Carla Clark

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Brain Science Articles

Mental Imagery, Imagination

View the latest articles on the brain-science of the power of mental imagery and imagination.

Imagery and Imagination A Non-Symbolic Theory of Conscious Content- Imagery and Activity An Introduction to the Science and Philosophy of Mental Imagery
Are There People Who Do Not Experience Imagery?
(And why does it matter?)
Imagery and the Coherence of Imagination:
A critique of white.
- Nigel J. T. Thomas
Is the Imagery Debate Over?
If So, What Was it About?
Images and Thinking Experience and Theory as Determinants of Attitudes toward Mental Representation:
The Case of Knight Dunlap and the Vanishing Images of J.B. Watson
Visual Imagery and Consciousness
The Depictive Nature of Visual Mental Imagery The False Dichotomy of Imagery The Architecture of the Imagination:
New Essays on Pretence, Possibility, and Fiction
Are Theories of Imagery Theories of Imagination?
An Active Perception Approach to Conscious Mental Content
Heidegger's Interpretation of Kant:
Categories, Imagination, and Temporality
Imagination inflation:
Imagining a childhood event inflates confidence that it occurred
Morality in Fiction and Consciousness in Imagination Phenomenology and Imagination in Husserl and Heidegger Recreative Minds:
Imagination in Philosophy and Psychology
The Architecture of the Imagination:
New Essays on Pretence, Possibility, and Fiction
Wittgenstein's Private Language:
Grammar, Nonsense, and Imagination in Philosophical Investigations
The Multidimensional Spectrum of Imagination
The Role of the Imagination in Kant's Theory of Experience The Study of Imagination as an Approach to Consciousness Berkeley's Puzzle
- J. Campbell
Phenomenal Impressions
- Eric Lormand
- Zenon Pylyshyn
Understanding Radio Broadcasts on Soccer:
The concept `mental image' and its use in spatial reasoning -Jörg R. J. Schirra
Are Theories of Imagery Theories of Imagination?
An active perception approach to conscious mental content.
- Nigel J. T. Thomas
Look Again: Phenomenology and Mental Imagery
- Evan Thompson
Mental Imagery
- Nigel J. T. Thomas
New Support for the Perceptual Activity Theory of Mental Imagery
- Nigel J. T. Thomas