Results in Your Business Missing? Attention Density

By Sue Stebbins

Importance of Attention

Photo credit: Stuart Miles

Keep in mind the term “attention density.” It’s about to change your life just as it has changed mine. The term “attention density” was coined to describe the amount of attention being paid to a particular mental experience over a period of time. We all know that it is important to pay attention to the task at hand. I’m sure we’ve all been scolded by a parent or teacher to “pay closer attention” but do we really know what that means?

In the fast-paced, fast-food, instant gratification world we live in, information rockets into and back out of our cognition at a dizzying pace. We are inundated with information overload that takes away from our ability to focus on the bits of information that we need. The idea that we don’t have to live with this overload is a revolutionary one. You can increase your own attention density and that of your employees through brain-based business coaching

Long-Term Change

Coaching in attention and focus not only aids in the immediate task at hand; it also changes brain circuitry in the long-term. As your brain holds focus on one thing for longer and longer periods of time, circuitry that helps the brain maintain focus and attention is strengthened. Imagine the success of a business peopled with executives and employees sporting stronger brain circuitry and increased attention density. The possibilities of such an enterprise are endless.

Brain connections are formed based on what we are paying attention to. Where is your attention focused in this moment? The rushed and pressure-fueled atmosphere of many business environments is toxic to production. Should we choose to direct our attention to the stress and negativity around us, stress and negativity become a part of our brain circuitry. Is that the ideal environment to work in day after day? Of course not!

The wonderful thing about brain circuitry is that it does change. It is never too late to change the focus of both your work and personal life. If you learn to maintain focus on the right things, they become part of your brain structure- overriding the previous damage done by negativity.

Focus on Success

There are two truths about the business world that are unfortunately, all too often, overlooked. The first is that happy employees are more productive employees. The second is that focused employees are more productive employees. Happiness and productivity are within your company’s reach through properly focused attention density.

Consistent follow up is a proven way to assure that the concepts learned during a coaching session sink in. The repetition aids attention density, providing better results and a more productive environment. This is life-changing news for the struggling business and the struggling individual. Don’t settle for less in your life.

Sue Stebbins is best known as the “New Brain For Success” – Results Breakthrough Expert. For the past 19 years, through Successwaves, her brain based coaching and consulting company  Sue, and her team of Expert Consultants  have become the ‘insiders secret’ for business growth results.  Known for their scientific, and proven research and a futurist’s eye towards trends- Sue’s team are the “go to experts” for blending the best of how to scientifically reach customers, develop products, and grow expertise with brain based  insight- that drive measurably more effective results. Sue’s clients have her on speed dial, for insights, and strategies that quickly produce effective measurable outcomes. Sue and her team work with Fortune 500 clients, high impact small businesses, entrepreneurs, experts, and leaders looking to “BE the Pre-eminent Solution”, by creating a better world.

To schedule a Complimentary  Make it Happen Now! Profit Acceleration  Session, or for more information on Sue’s and her Expert coaches speaking, retreats, workshops, and Private VIP coaching: visit, or call toll free: 1.866.358-7443, or Skype sue.stebbins.



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