Getting Your Employee Team Engaged- Brains on Attention

By Sue Stebbins

Embrace Change

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Unfortunately, the human mind is naturally wired to be resistant to change. Keeping everything the same often feels safe and soothing. It’s comfortable. This feeling of complacency is not your friend, rather it is an illusion your brain thrusts on you to avoid potential threats. The truth is that change can be exhilarating and productive. Employees, in particular, may find the word “change” intimidating and frightening so it’s important to get them up to speed on the benefits of change to your business and to them as individuals. This starts with engaging them and implementing teamwork as well as creating a stimulating work environment that engages your team and keeps them moving forward.

Build Relationships

The most successful bosses and owners know that employee relationships are key to the overall success of everyone at the company. The more you show your employees that they are valued assets and individuals, the more devoted they become to their own success as well as yours.

Your team’s relationships with one another are also vital to complete success. When you view fellow employees as valuable teammates rather than feared competitors, you begin to care about their success as well as your own. The goal is for employees to feel less like lone employees and more like valuable parts of a dynamic team.  This is pivotal to their ability to be engaged and ready to make productive leaps forward.

Focus Attention

Once employees are unified and engaged, attention density can do its’ job to make your team more successful. Attention density is used to measure the amount of attention being given to a particular concept. As attention density grows, so do the neural connections in the brain that make attention to that concept easier and stronger. Focus this deep attention on the right things and you will remove countless limits to your success. With attention focused on teamwork and the success of the organization, your employees may surprise you with previously untapped abilities. Soon, your team will be more than willing, excited even, to embrace positive changes in both their personal and professional lives.

Engaging and unifying a team is the first area in which executive coaching becomes invaluable. Draw your employees into the process of positive change through brain-based, interactive coaching. Once the skills of teamwork are firmly in place, coaching will aid in the use of attention density to place and maintain focus on success. Repetition of engaging activities as well as positive concepts will further solidify the brain connections that will make your team unstoppable.

Here are three questions designed with the brain and brain-based attention and performance in mind:

Three Strategic Questions for Fast Results:

How can we create an optimistic vision?

What do we need to design to create our breakthrough strategic direction?

What milestone, benchmarks will we use?

Sue Stebbins, is best known as the “New Brain For Success” – Results Breakthrough Expert. For the past 19 years, through Successwaves, her brain based coaching and consulting company  Sue, and her team of Expert Consultants  have become the ‘insiders secret’ for business growth results.  Known for their scientific, and proven research and a futurist’s eye towards trends- Sue’s team are the “go to experts” for blending the best of how to scientifically reach customers, develop products, and grow expertise with brain based  insight- that drive measurably more effective results. Sue’s clients have her on speed dial, for insights, and strategies that quickly produce effective measurable outcomes. Sue and her team work with Fortune 500 clients, high impact small businesses, entrepreneurs, experts, and leaders looking to “BE the Pre-eminent Solution”, by creating a better world.

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