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The New Happiness Economics: Why Rewiring Your Brain to Be Happier is Great for Business

Your dream was to own a business. You thought once you got your business up and running you would feel fulfilled on a higher level. Now, each day you spend countless hours going unhappily through the motions of running your … Continue reading

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Want To Learn to Grow Your Business-And Work When You Want?

Extraordinary Business Coaching Results Through Brain Training The New 80/20 You Can’t Afford Not to Know You are passionate, motivated and you want to make a difference with your business. But somewhere on your path to changing the world you … Continue reading

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Looking Through the Eyes of Connection-Selling the Feeling in Marketing

From a personal point of view, there are many different ways for each one of us to feel connection and to feel loved. From spending quality time, hearing words of encouragement and affirmation, receiving special gifts and surprises, adding a … Continue reading

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THE New SMART CAREER FORMULA for Mid-Career – How Proven Brain Science Can Help You Shine, Get Promoted, and Love Your Work Again

by Rosemary Jovelar The New Brain Based Formula for Strategic Career Design What is the new skill set of the 21st century smart career? Well according to renowned brain based international business and leadership strategist Sue Stebbins, it’s learning to strategically … Continue reading

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Entrepreneurs: Train Your Brain- To Grow Your Profit, Consciously

By Sue Stebbins Be Inspired Many people wrongly view themselves as passive products of the financial climate around them. Are you one of those people? Take a moment to become inspired to make the changes that lead to a wealthier … Continue reading

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