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Burden of Brain Health and Productivity Costs

For over 22 years, Successwaves has been helping individuals, leaders, and organizations get the most from their lives, businesses, health and relationships using the latest proven applied brain science.

Successwaves the New Brain for Successprograms, and custom training utilize the latest scientifically proven methods of mindfulness, self-directed neuroplasticity, mindfulness based cognitive behavioral therapy, brain based leadership, and brainwave optimization for brain synchrony.

As the first ever neuroplasticity enhancing brainwave meditation audios using our proprietary Neuro-Tech™ Technology, we’ve been recognized for excellence in delivering proven programs that can transform our user’s lives in as few as 20 minutes a day by just pushing a button.


“Sue, I liked your Cd’s very much this kind of empowering imagery and music can change the course of dis-ease.”
-Dr. Mehmet Oz


Thanks to advances in neuroplasticity and brainwave research, all our advanced brain entrainment and training audio programs, books, and coaching have been clinically proven (see our QUEEG white paper) to significantly enhance brain synchrony and optimization.

By using our CDS it becomes possible to consistently practice replacing negative neural patterns, and re-wire the brain to learn lifelong healthy sustainable patterns of optimal performance and wellbeing.

We’ve worked closely with leading neuroscience research and research scientists to create programs that utilize our trademarked Brain Optimization Practice™ (BOP) to enhance positive neural circuits, direct and enhance positive mood and cognition, develop stronger executive function skills, and healthy decision making.

Our goal: Provide a scientifically proven, simple, and powerful way for users to experience accelerated improvement and cognitive enhancement, and provide the ultimate neural enhancing experience on the market today.

The Outstanding 22 year Proven Result: Accelerated performance, behavior and learning improvement capable of rapidly transforming learned behavioral blocks and limitations of a lifetime.

Users from around the world, from corporations to individuals - report on how quickly they were able to experience significantly improved mood, performance, weight loss, positive relationships, productivity, freedom from stress, and significant financial improvement.

Programs You Can Trust: The Latest Peer Reviewed Brain Science Research
Our programs, developed and clinically tested for over 22 years, have been created and based on research coming out of the world’s leading universities focusing on the most advanced applied brain science and learning applications.

They are distinct in that they’ve been clinically proven, and have the real world results to testify to their efficacy to bring users into the optimal brainstate for training their mind/brain for new learning and performance to get into the optimal brainwave state for improved life enhancement, and without computer games, and puzzles that focus on the conscious mind.

While many programs on the market today require complicated technology, keep users in an “active mind” by gaming, or are developed by users with a ‘recent’ entrance into the market, Successwaves provides both mass market and custom products, developed and refined over two decades, that make the new 21st century optimal brain and life development simple, scientific, so that anyone, even the busiest person, can acess their best brain states for quickly unlearning old behaviours, and creating powerful results that will sustain them for a life time.

Founder and Team

Our mission: To optimize brain/mind health and productivity affecting all of humanity.

Our goal: Passionately partner to bring to all a new mind brain for the future.

21st century solutions scientifically proven to promote optimal well being and performance.
-Sue Stebbins, CEO & Founder,


Sue Stebbins, CEO Successwaves--Master NeuroCoach--and her team of scientists, researchers, visionary and passionate brain trainers are emerging as one of the new leaders in the emerging neuroscience based business, leadership and wellness markets.
With 22 years experience as the founder
of the leading edge brain based coaching and consulting company,, Sue is a successful entrepreneur, experienced speaker, consultant, and author. She and her team have become highly sought after experts in the fields of brain based self development, leadership, executive re-invention, and entrepreneurial business growth.

With over 29,000 hours of clinical and one on one experience, Sue and her experts bring the ‘insight’ and understandings of brain based clinical practice to the needs of 21st century challenges in adapting to rapid change and new learning.

A global thought leader on the need for Brain Optimization Practice™,Sue and her Successwaves and team are on a mission to end the intense burden of unhealthy brain and productivity challenges, and create a NEW BRAIN FOR SUCCESS™

Successwaves is based in Norwalk CT, with affiliate offices throughout the world.

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