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Product Download Help Page

Congratulations for obtaining your new Successwaves Neuroplasticity Audio!

Here are some easy instructions for downloading and enjoying your new audio.

1) Purchase Confirmation Email

Here's an example of the purchase confirmation email you'll receive in your inbox immediately following your purchase of the Successwaves CD.

The area circled in red contains your link to the Successwaves download area and your login information.


2) Product Delivery Page

3) Product Download Page

4) Download the .zip file of your Successwaves audio.

5) Open the .zip file.

Go to folder where you moved your .zip file and open it with a .zip program. We recommend the free .zip program JustZipIt. When the .zip file is opened, it will create a separate folder with the same name as the .zip file. Inside that new folder you'll find an .mp3 file of your new Successwaves audio.


6) Enjoy Your New Successwaves Neuroplasticity Audio!


7) Place the Successwaves Audio On Your Andriod (similar process for iPhone)

  1. Plug your android into your computer using the USB cable you use to charge your android.
  2. Navigate to your computer file menu (i.e. Start Button > Computer > File Folder with the Successwaves Audio)
  3. Open another file window and navigate to your Android (‘phone’) file menu and open the “music” folder (i.e. Computer > Phone > Music)
  4. Copy and paste the mp3 files from the folder on your computer into the phone > music folder.


8) Listen to the Successwaves Audio On Your Andriod (similar process for iPhone)

  1. In your Android, go to the Google Playstore.
  2. Download the App “Music Player”
  3. Open the App and you’ll find the Successwaves Audios.
  4. Click on an audio and listen.
  5. Enjoy…these are awesome, life-transforming audios!


9) Get the Most Out of Your New Successwaves Neuroplasticity Audio!

7 Keys to Maximize Your Audio Listening Results


Further Troubleshooting:

After carefully following all of the above steps, if you continue to experience problems downloading or listening to the Successwaves audios: