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7 Keys to Getting the Most
Out of Your Successwaves Audios

Congratulations on obtaining your new Successwaves Neuroplasticity Brain Training Audio!

Here are 7 keys to maximizing the results you experience from your audio.

1) Focus:

Focus on one audio at a time for the most complete immersion. If you've obtained a set including multiple audios, at most, begin by focusing on one in the morning and one in the evening.

2) Results:

Identify one or two results you'd most like to experience. Write them down. However, always be open to receiving the unexpected.

3) Consistency:

Listen to the audio at least once daily consistently for at least 21-30 days.

4) Meditation:

Be in a quiet location, in a meditative state (vs. listening while doing other activities).

5) Journal:

Keep a journal of your experiences and progress. Journaling can help deepen the effectiveness of your experience. Here's a simple listening tracking sheet. You could use this or customize it to fit your own journaling style.

6) Support:

Share your specific intended results and actual experience with someone. With the sharing comes added support and accountability.

7) Expectation:

Visualize the result you'd like to experience (#2 above), as if you already had it.

Enjoy your new Successwaves Neuroplasticity Brain Training Audios!


Note: If you should experience trouble downloading your Successwaves audio, please view our Product Download Help page.